Wear comfortable attire and remember that these are electric engines.


  • No helmets are required.
  • Place all keys, cell phones, glasses and other objects in a safe place.
  • Single Kart racers must be 54″ to drive.
  • Double Kart riders must be 36″ to ride with a licensed driver.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be allowed to race!
  • Unsafe or out of control driving will not be allowed and will cause the loss of driving privileges with NO refund. Please drive safe and in control.
  • Please keep hands and feet inside kart at all times.
  • Your right foot operates the green gas pedal. Your left foot operates the red brake pedal. Press the gas and brake pedals separately to maintain control of the kart.
  • Anyone disrespecting the rules, damaging equipment, or using obscene language or gestures will lose driving privileges with NO refund!